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16 Feburary 2011

Research Colloquium:
Portrayal of Women Images in Japan Pop swayed the Asia Entertainment Media

Ms. Serina Ha Miu Yin
PhD. Candidate

Date: Feb 16, 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 15:00 to 16:00
Venue: LG102 KK Leung Building

Women are used to be media minority even more than half the world population is female. Media portrayals of men focus wealth, power, and ambition, while those of women focus on youthfulness, attractiveness, and submissiveness. And there were not much female bylines, photographs or focus on women at most of the front pages or shocking absence

However, the situation changed nowadays and the success of portrayal image of women influence the Media industry. For the history of the entertainment field in Asia, women was being portrayed less attention than men, the gender imbalance in the movie industry in HK had a significant refection of the male dominant world.

Start from the 80’s, the Japanese Pop culture became a very great impact to the entertainment field of HK, as well as the other Asian countries.The popular idol近藤真彥 (Matchy), 田原俊彥(Toshi)﹑吉川晃司(Koji),少年隊(Shonentai),became idol of million fans . The perfect image of the Johnny’s artists were highly promoted in the scene. All of the boys’ group had a pretty face, make up and colorful costume. When they dance and sang their hit songs, their fans scream and shouted to their love idol.

The grooming of the perfect image bought the side character of the male singer- a woman image. Since this was well accepted by the public, more and more similar idol were introduced in the Japan pop scene.

The other side of the character ,similar as the French and Polish-language film “ the Double life of Veronique” 《兩生花》 directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski; a young Poland woman Weronika, and then a young woman in France,a young woman in France, Véronique, though unrelated, the two appear identical, share many personality traits, and seem to be aware of each other on some level.

I would like to study the influence of Japan pop culture in the entertainment field of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Through various interview and research, I would try to find out the reason of the success of Artists with perfect image and how they catch the heart of million fans.

I also like to verify the importance of the impact of successful women image of the media which swayed and headed a new era to the entertainment field.

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