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19 Oct. 2022 Sexuality, Maternity, and (Re)productive Futures: Women's Speculative Fiction in Contemporary Japan
13 Oct. 2022 Special Topic Lecture: A Linguistics-based Approach to the Acquisition of Japanese Verb Categories
02 Sep. 2022 Placement Test for Japanese language courses
28 Jul. 2022 Capstone fulfillment for the Japanese Studies major (Japaneses Language stream) in 2022-23
28 Jul. 2022 Capstone arrangements for the Japanese Studies major (Japan Studies stream) in 2022-23
31 Mar. 2022 Japan Month: Conversation and demonstration with the Consul General’s Chef
15 Oct. 2021 Special Topic Lecture: A Linguistics-based Approach to the Acquisition of Japanese Verb Categories
11 Aug. 2021 Understanding Japanese through its invisible structures: how linguistics can contribute to language learning
28 Jul. 2021Advertisement: Tenure-Track Professor/Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Japanese Studies
12 Jul. 2021HKU Historian becomes First Scholar of Japan to Win Prestigious International Book Prize
01 Jul. 2021 The Inner side and the surface of Japanese Language: Utterance content and expression from standpoint and perspective 日本語の内面と表面―立場と視点から考える発話内容と表現形式
30 Apr. 2021 Japan Month: Decorated Sushi Rolls Online Workshop
1 Mar. 2021 10th anniversary of Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
9 Feb. 2021 Seminar: From Edo to Sōseki: Emotion, Desire, and the Making of the Novel in Nineteenth-Century Japan
17 Oct. 2020 Special Topic Lecture: A Linguistics-based Approach to the Acquisition of Japanese Verb Categories
3 Jun. 2020 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies 2019-20 Call for Submissions
16 Jan. 2020 New MOU with the Global Japan Studies Research Network at UTokyo and JAL to Enhance Collaborative Opportunities
12 Nov. 2019 [Cancellation] Society of Fellows in the Humanities: Post-Toyotist Affect: Japanese Workers Working On Neoliberal Reforms
8 Nov. 2019 2020 Young Leaders Tour of Japan
14 Jun. 2019 日本語学習者の不自然な表現は何が原因なのか―パーソナル・テリトリーに関する認識と表現形式の観点から What Makes Japanese Improper Expression? an Analysis from the Perspectives from “Personal Territory”
6 Jun. 2019 Book Launch & Reception: Kurosawa's Rashomon: A Vanished City, a Lost Brother, and the Voice Inside His Iconic Films
25 Apr. 2019 Department of Japanese Studies: Student Performances
24 Apr. 2019 Talk: Time and Tourism in (Post)Colonial Taipei
17 Apr. 2019 SMLC Seminar: Japan’s apologies: Can they find the “right” words?
8-26 Apr. 2019 Japan Month 2019
27 Mar. 2019
SMLC Seminar: The Artificial Birth of Modern Japanese Literature Out of the Spirit of Technology
17 Nov. 2018 Talk: How to utilize the open online course “Japanese Pronunciation for Communication”
7 Nov. 2018 SMLC Seminar: Japanese Literature Workshop
15 Jun. 2018 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies 2017-18 Call for Submissions
3 Jun. 2018 Workshop for Effective ICT Classroom Activities in Japanese Teaching and Learning
18 Apr. 2018 SMLC Semniar: Variant Accounts and the Nature of Early Japanese Mythology
11 Apr. 2018
SMLC Seminar: From Internment to Occupation: A Japanese American Observer’s Transpacific Sociological Practices
3-27 Apr. 2018 Japan Month at HKU 2018
23 Jan. 2018 HKU-UTokyo Joint Summer Program 2018
3 Oct. 2017 2018 Young Leaders Tour of Japan
27 Apr.2017 Department of Japanese Studies: Student Performance
21 Apr. 2017 The Serenity of Chado - Japanese Tea Ceremony
13 Apr. 2017 Omamori Workshop with Art Club
10 Apr. 2017 Violinist Tomoko Tanaka Plays Japanese Melodies
3-28 Apr. 2017 Young Leaders Tour of Japan Photo Exhibition
3-28 Apr. 2017 日本之月 Japan Month 2017
29 Mar. 2017 SMLC Seminar: The Un-dead History of Residual Hauntings: Transgressive Identities in Alvin Lu's The Hell Screens
15 Mar. 2017 SMLC Seminar: Drawing Close to the Heart: Post-disaster Mental Health Care and Grassroots Therapy in Japan
24 Nov. 2016 2017 Young Leaders Tour of Japan (Application Deadline: 9 December 2016)
12 Aug.2016 HKU Department of Japanese Studies Holds Joint Programme with the University of Tokyo
25 Jun. 2016 Open Symposium: Multilingual Hong Kong as seen through the eyes of Japanese
25 May 2016 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies
29 Apr. 2016 Department of Japanese Studies: Student Performances
25 Apr. 2016 Sake Appreciation Session
19 Apr. 2016 Take a Photo in a Kimono: Traditional Japanese Inns and their Great Female Managers
18 Apr. 2016 Tea Gathering for the Departmental Staff and Students
8 Apr. 2016 Japanese Songs by Hong Kong University Students’ Union Choir
5-29 Apr. 2016 Japan Month at HKU 2016
17 Mar. 2016 Seminar: Yasukuni Shrine and mourning the war dead in Japan
17 Feb. 2016 Seminar: Language Ideology and Literature in Imperial Japan and Beyond
7 Oct. 2015 Seminar: Reconsidering Japan's Decision to Surrender, 1945
12 Jul. 2015 40th Japanese Speech Contest
30 Apr. 2015 Student Performances: By the Department of Japanese Studies
28 Apr. 2015 Japan Jazz Live: Anime, drama, J-Pop theme songs by HKU Big Band
27 Apr. 2015 Japanese Cultural Festival: Featuring Yosakoi Sooran Bushi dance and kendo sparring
23 Apr. 2015 Film Show: The Makioka Sisters
16 Apr. 2015 Film Show: Kwaidan
24 Mar-30 Apr 2015 Exhibition: Hong Kong - Japan Connections: In the Air and On Campus
24 Mar-30 Apr 2015 Japan Month @ HKU 2015
27 Feb. 2015 Ancient Texts and New Cures: Transformations of Medical Knowledge in Tokugawa Japan
26 Feb. 2015 A Disharmony of Blood: 'Mixed-Race' Children and the Production of Purity in Postwar Japan
12 Aug. 2014 HKU-U Tokyo Joint Summer Program - Student Presentation Session
25 Apr. 2014 Talk: Teito Tokyo: Imagining the Imperial Capital
24 Apr. 2014 Talk: Ethical Negotiations of Human Feeling and the Production of Literature in Nineteenth Century Japan
22 Apr. 2014 Talk: Between Hong Kong and Japan: The Violence of Disappearance in Ye Si and Tomatsu Shomei
17 Apr. 2014 Talk: Earthquake Children: Building Resilience from the Ruins of Tokyo
7 Apr-2 May 2014 Japan Month 2014
2-3 Nov. 2013 The 9th International Symposium on Oral Proficiency Interview
13 Oct. 2013 Workshop on Curriculum Design and Development for Japanese Language Education
15 Jun. 2013 Workshop on The Underground Economy in East Asia: Impact on Human and Health Security
8 May 2013 Murakami Fuminobu Memorial Prize in Japanese Studies
11 Apr-3 May 2013
Japan Month 2013
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