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14 June 2019

What Makes Japanese Improper Expression?
an Analysis from the Perspectives of “Personal Territory”

6月14日 (金) 14 Jun, 2019 (Fri)
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
CPD-LG.34, Centennial Campus, HKU

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日本語学習者の発話の中には、 文法的な間違いとは言えないものの、 不自然な表現だったり失礼な印象を与えたりすることがある。 コミュニケーションの場面や相手との関係を考慮した発話内容と言語形式の選択に十分な理解が伴わない場合、 不自然さや不適切な表現につながると考えられる。 本講演では、 パーソナル・テリトリーという個人の固有の領域を表す概念から、 日本語学習者の発話の内容と表現に関する問題点と指導法について考える。
It is often observed that the use of Japanese in Japanese language learners sounds unnatural or inappropriate to Japanese native speakers even though it is grammatically correct. This discrepancy between the correctness and the appropriateness of the use of Japanese in the learners is presumably due to the wrong selections of the language use and the topics depending on the relationship with the listener and the occasion where the communication takes place. In this lecture, the issues associated with the misselections of the language use and topics in Japanese language learners and how teachers should tackle them referring to the concept of “Personal Territory” are discussed.

Language: Japanese

名古屋大学国際機構国際言語センター 許明子教授

Professor. HEO, Myeongja
Nagoya University, International Language Center

Heo Myeongia received her Ph.D. from Kyushu University, Japan. She previously taught at University of Tsukuba, Japan, and is currently a Professor at Nagoya University’s International Language Center. Heo’s research focuses on Japanese language education and communication styles in Japanese. Her research interests include communication strategies of learners of Japanese language focusing on their use of Japanese and mind set in terms of the discrepancy between the grammatical correctness and the appropriateness in communication.

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