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Japanese Language

Note: Information on this page applies to students who joined HKU in 2020 or earlier. Students who joined HKU in 2021 or later should consult the Japanese Studies Handbook 2020–21 for details of the the current requirements.

Requirements for the Major in Japanese Studies (Japanese Language Stream)

Students in the major are required to complete 72 credits of courses.

Prerequisites (18 credits)
Core courses (24 credits)
Elective courses (30 credits)
Capstone experience course (6 credits)

Requirements for the Minor in Japanese Language

A minor in Japanese Language consists of 36 credit units.

Prerequisites (12 credits)
Core courses (24 credits)

Special Honours (SH) in Japanese Language

Goals and objectives of the SH programme
The SH provides students with opportunities to achieve upper-advanced levels of Japanese language proficiency, along with superior critical and analytical understanding in their study of Japanese culture and society. By the end of the programme, students will be able to:

Use Japanese with high levels of accuracy and fluency in most formal and informal contexts and in the discussion of practical, social and abstract topics.
Communicate effectively, express opinions, and hypothesize in oral/written communication.
Read and fully comprehend a variety of literary texts and passage/pieces of expository prose.
Follow the essentials of complex discourse in academic/professional settings, in lectures, speeches and reports.
Display the ability to articulate a sophisticated level of critical and analytical argument about Japan in Japanese, sufficient to create a sound basis for postgraduate research.

Please see HKU Japanese Language Standards and Japanese Studies Handbook 2020-2021 for details

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