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Japanese Languages
- Course List

JAPN1011 Introduction to Japanese Studies 6 credits
JAPN1088 Japanese language I (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN1099 Japanese language I (Part 2) 6 credits
JAPN2041 Comprehensive basic grammar 6 credits
JAPN2061 Japanese for effective communication 6 credits
JAPN2069 Basic translation (Chinese↔Japanese) 6 credits
JAPN2088 Japanese language II (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN2099 Japanese language II (Part 2) 6 credits
JAPN3007 Translation II - Japanese – English 6 credits
JAPN3017 Business Japanese 6 credits
JAPN3026 Directed study in Japanese 6 credits
JAPN3027 Comparative study of phonetics in Japanese and Cantonese 6 credits
JAPN3028 Contrastive linguistics: Discourse analysis of Japanese and Cantonese 6 credits
JAPN3039 Japanese popular music and Hong Kong society 6 credits
JAPN3049 Media Japanese 6 credits
JAPN3051 Interpretation I 6 credits
JAPN3056 Traditional stories in Japanese 6 credits
JAPN3062 Japanese through Manga 6 credits
JAPN3063 Selected readings in Japanese 6 credits
JAPN3064 The tale of Genji 6 credits
JAPN3065 Selected works in modern Japanese literature 6 credits
JAPN3067 Japanese pragmatics: Understanding the hidden meaning 6 credits
JAPN3079 Japanese to Chinese translation 6 credits
JAPN3088 Japanese language III (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN3099 Japanese language III (Part 2) 6 credits
JAPN4008 Contemporary Japanese popular music 6 credits
JAPN4016 Advanced business Japanese 6 credits
JAPN4021 Communication and society 6 credits
JAPN4022 Introduction to teaching Japanese as a foreign language 6 credits
JAPN4023 “Nihonjinron”: The question of Japanese uniqueness 6 credits
JAPN4024 Japanese culture in films 6 credits
JAPN4025 Advanced media Japanese 6 credits
JAPN4026 Collaborative community of inquiry: Hong Kong and Japan 6 credits
JAPN4088 Japanese language IV (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN4099 Japanese language IV (Part 2) 6 credits
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