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Japanese Language
- BA Course
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Core Course
JAPN1099 Japanese language I (Part 2) 6 credits
This elementary Japanese course focuses on proficiency-based foreign language learning. While the emphasis is on a thorough understanding of basic Japanese grammar and vocabulary, it also aims to develop communicative competence in order to prepare students for a smooth transition to the study of Japanese at a more advanced level.
N.B. Since Chinese characters are an integral part of this course and will be given no separate introduction by the course instructors, students with no prior knowledge of Chinese characters should ensure that they discuss this issue with their class teacher at the beginning of the semester.
The schedule for JAPN1099: JAPN1099 Note
Prerequisite: JAPN1088 Japanese language I (Part 1)
Assessment: 100% coursework (including tests, quizzes, assignments/class performance and final oral test)
(Offered in 2020/2021, 2nd semester)

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