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japan studies - BA Course

Interdisciplinary Elective Course
JAPN3018 Japan and China as great powers in international security and global affairs 6 credits
This course aims to provide students with a theoretical as well as a policy-oriented introduction to the study of International Security and Global Affairs, paying special attention to the role of Japan and China as strategic and security actors in the world. The ascendance of China and Japan in the post Cold War era has major repercussions as their economic clout, diplomatic stature and political influence are already felt way beyond the Asia-Pacific region. Their rise not only signifies the ascendance of new global Great Powers, but heralds a new period in the history of both Japan’s and China’s foreign relations. For the first time in history, we witness a strong China co-existing next to a strong Japan. As both Japan and China seek to carve out new roles for themselves worldwide, this course invites students to re-examine how China and Japan could and should contribute to global affairs. In particular, this course examines how China and Japan are making their presence felt in various parts in the world. At the same time, students are invited to consider regional and international security through the study of Japanese and Chinese foreign relations by looking at their record of direct military and political participation, and also through their multilateral diplomacy and institution-building activities.
N.B. : Students should ideally have taken JAPN2060 and/or JAPN2068 before taking this course. Alternatively, they should have prior knowledge of Japan’s and China’s Foreign Policy.
Assessment: 100 % coursework
(Not on offer in 2020/2021)

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