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Japan Studies - Course List

JAPN1011 Introduction to Japanese studies 6 credits
JAPN1088 Japanese language I (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN1099 Japanese language I (Part 2) 6 credits
JAPN1188 Japanese language II (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN1199 Japanese language II (Part 2) 6 credits
JAPN2010 Japanese business: An anthropological introduction 6 credits
JAPN2011 Anthropology of Japan 6 credits
JAPN2031 The media and Japan 6 credits
JAPN2045 Sex, gender, and technology in Japan and East Asia 6 credits
JAPN2050 Creative industries in East Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan) 6 credits
JAPN2052 Business strategy in Asia: Japan and China 6 credits
JAPN2053 International marketing strategy: Focus on Japan 6 credits
JAPN2054 Strategy management: Focus on Japan 6 credits
JAPN2057 Multi-cultural advertising 6 credits
JAPN2058 Understanding popular culture in Japan and Greater China (Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China) 6 credits
JAPN2059 Family and social institutions in Japan and Greater China 6 credits
JAPN2060 Contemporary Sino-Japanese relations 6 credits
JAPN2068 Japan, the United States and the international relations of Asia-Pacific 6 credits
JAPN2080 Globalizing Japanese food 6 credits
JAPN2081 Japanese literature (in translation) 6 credits
JAPN2082 Japanese film and society 6 credits
Contemporary Japanese society and culture 6 credits
JAPN2084 Studies in Japanese culture 6 credits
JAPN2085 The films of Ozu Yasujir┼Ź 6 credits
JAPN2086 Writing cities: Urban space in modern Japanese literature 6 credits
JAPN2087 Introduction to Japanese literature: Beginnings to 1900 6 credits
JAPN2088 Japanese language II (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN2089 Twentieth century Japan: History, state and society 6 credits
JAPN2090 Growing up in Japan: Youth, culture and society 6 credits
JAPN2091 Introduction to Pre-Modern Japan 6 credits
JAPN2092 Early modern Japan: Age of the Samurai? 6 credits
JAPN2093 Japan and the World, 1550-1850 6 credits
JAPN2094 Japanese Studies internship 6 credits
JAPN2095 Gender and sexuality in modern Japanese literature 6 credits
JAPN2096 Young Leaders Tour of Japan Field Trip 6 credits
JAPN2097 Introduction to Japanese literary modernism 6 credits
JAPN2098 Of courtesans, samurai, and vengeful ghosts: Japanese literature of the early modern period 6 credits
JAPN2099 Japanese language II (Part 2) 6 credits
JAPN3014 Project in Japanese business 9 credits
JAPN3018 Japan and China as great powers in international security and global affairs 6 credits
JAPN3019 Reading Japanese literature in Japanese: Twentieth-century fiction and poetry 6 credits
JAPN3029 Readings in Japanese Studies 6 credits
JAPN3031 Japan in Hong Kong 6 credits
JAPN3032 The formation of literary modernity in Japan: The Meiji period (1868-1912) 6 credits
JAPN3034 Introduction to classical Japanese (bungo) 6 credits
JAPN3035 Revolutionary origins of modern Japan 6 credits
JAPN3036 Medicine and disease in Japanese history 6 credits
JAPN3037 Readings in early modern Japanese historical sources 6 credits
JAPN3088 Japanese language III (Part 1) 6 credits
JAPN3099 Japanese language III (Part 2) 6 credits
JAPN4002 The literature of Japanese empire 6 credits
JAPN4003 Japan: Earthquake nation 6 credits
JAPN4101 Japanese Studies research project 6 credits
Japanese Studies HKU