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Japanese Language
- BA Course
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Core Course
JAPN1188 Japanese language II (Part 1) 6 credits
This course is open to first year students who have completed approximately 150 hours of Japanese language learning at other institutions prior to entering HKU, or who, at the time of their admission to HKU, have attained a level of Japanese proficiency equivalent to that of students who have successfully completed the course JAPN1099 Japanese Language I (Part 2).
Students will learn elementary vocabularies, grammar patterns and linguistic knowledge in grammar classes, which provides the linguistic foundation for the acquisition of the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in Japanese. These four skills are to be consolidated and enhanced by various activities in skills groups.
NB1: This course is designed for students who are still at the elementary level. Students with an intermediate or upper level should check with the applicable teachers as to their suitability for the course before enrolling in it. Students may be required to take a placement test.
NB2: This course and JAPN2088 refer to the same course. The difference in course codes is for registration purposes only. 
The schedule for JAPN1188: JAPN1188 Note
Prerequisite: Course instructors’ approval
Assessment: 100% coursework
(Offered in 2019/2020, 1st semester)

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