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Japanese Language
- BA Course
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Elective Course
JAPN3067 Japanese pragmatics: Understanding the hidden meaning 6 credits
This Japanese-medium interdisciplinary content course aims to help students acquire a basic understanding of Japanese Pragmatics through analysis of a native Japanese speakers’ language usage in contrast with their own. Native Japanese speakers use implicatures in communication to express their true feelings and intentions (that only an informed listener can understand). For instance, one may choose to add or withhold information to exaggerate or soften the message. Through the pragmatic approach, students will have the opportunity to contrast Japanese with their own language in order to analyze the appropriate use of greetings. With Politeness theory, students will analyze why expressions in their own language may be found to be impolite in the Japanese context.
Students who enrolled in or completed JAPN4088. Japanese language IV (Part I) or JAPN4099. Japanese language IV (Part 2) cannot take this course.
Prerequisite: JAPN3088. Japanese language III (Part 1) or JAPN3099. Japanese language III (Part 2); OR
Co-requisite: JAPN3088. Japanese language III (Part 1) or JAPN3099. Japanese language III (Part 2)
Assessment: 100 % coursework
(Offered in 2020/2021, 1st semester)

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