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Japanese Language
- BA Course
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Capstone Experience Courses
JAPN3028 Contrastive linguistics: Discourse analysis of Japanese and Cantonese: Capstone experience 6 credits
This Japanese-medium interdisciplinary content course explores the structure and function of speech acts of the two languages. Examples will be drawn from everyday conversations that include request, acceptance, refusal, apology, etc. to investigate how people carry out conversations in order to accomplish their goals in speech acts. Research methods will be introduced through analysis of sample speech acts in Japanese. Students are required to collect conversation data in Japanese and Cantonese and analyze structures, expressions, and intensions of the discourse, based on major theories in pragmatics and present a comparative study on Japanese and Cantonese in the forms of written and oral report. This course is offered as a capstone experience course of the Japanese Language Program.
Prerequisite: JAPN3067. Japanese pragmatics: Understanding the hidden meaning
Assessment: 100% coursework
(Offered in 2020/2021, 2nd semester)

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