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News & Events

19 Dec 2012 Seminar: Japanese Popular Culture and Teaching
28 Nov 2012 Seminar: Madonna Verde: New Reproductive Technologies in Japanese Popular Culture
3-26 Apr 2012 Japan Month 2012
30 Mar 3012 A seminar by Mr. Suga Tsutomu, Travel Writer
19 Mar 2012 SMLC Research Colloquium: The influence of Japan Culture in HK pop scene in the 80’s
12 Mar 2012 Research Colloquium: Comparative studies on Japanese and American animated film
1 Mar 2012 Talk: A Historical Review of Japanese Policies on Inbound Tourism
27 Feb 2012 Research Colloquium: Cultural Localization- A case study of BL Culture
27 Feb 2012 Talk: Fountains of Culture: Hollywood, MacArthur, and the American Reconstruction of Japan after World War II
13 Feb 2012 Research Colloquium: A case study of an AV actress’s image-building in Chinese text
19 Feb 2012 Talk: Wastefulness and Reinvention in Millennial Japan
12 Oct 2011 Seminar: Asian Modernity: Images of New Women from Chinese and Japanese Posters in 1920-30s
18 Jun 2011 Sad Loss of Mr. Fuminobu Murakami
3 May 2011 Research Colloquium: Family communication in Japanese films
27 Apr 2011 Research Colloquium: The changing face of a Japanese casual wear company in Hong Kong
12 Apr 2011 Research Colloquium: Studying Japanese Style Girl Fashion in Taipei
7-21 Apr 2011 Japan Month at HKU 2011 - Ganbare Japan 頑張れ日本
28 Mar 2011 Summer Exchange Programmes 2011 Notification
15 Mar 2011 Research Colloquium: Bl Manga Study
16 Feb 2011 Research Colloquium: Portrayal of Women Images in Japan Pop swayed the Asia Entertainment Media
13 Feb 2011 Effective instruction for Japanese writing
28 Jan 2011 Talk: Mapping Genders in Post-War Japan
4 Dec 2010 Talk: Oral Proficiency Interview and its Application to Classroom Activities
1 Dec 2010 Seminar: Periodic Struggles - Origins of Menstruation Leave in 20th century Japan
6 Nov 2010 Talk: Assessment in Japanese Language Education
3 Nov 2010 Seminar: Political Attitudes of Young Chinese, Japanese and Koreans
5 May 2010 Research Colloquium: Japanese TV Drama Study in Hong Kong
30 Apr 2010 Talk: Discourse Politeness Theory and Language Education Studies
24-25 Apr 2010 Workshop: Inter-Asian Gender and Health
16-23 Apr 2010 Japan Month 2010
30 Mar 2010 Career Talk for BBA and BA students: National Australia Bank and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
23 Feb 2010 Working Holiday Visa for Japan Orientation Session
03 Feb 2010 Research Colloquium: An Analysis of Arashi (1999-2009) & Fans Practices Research
27 Jan 2010 SMLC Seminar: Where There Are Asians, There Are Rice Cookers: How 'National' Went Global via Hong Kong
8 Jan 2010 Book Launch: Where there are Asians, there are Rice Cookers
15 Oct 2009 Talk: Languages, Nationalism and Internationalization
13 Oct 2009 Talk: Text and Translation - Implications for Teaching
15 Jul 2009 Fu-Fu Live from Japan
19-30 Jun 2009 Sino-Japanese Relations Research Symposium 2009
24 Jun 2009 Talk: How to understand the ups and downs of post-war Japanese economy
23 Jun 2009 Research Colloquium: From "V is the Sign" to "Love Generation": How the Production, Circulation, and Consumption of Japanese TV Dramas have changed in Postwar Hong Kong
24-27 May 2009 Sino-Japanese Relations Research Symposium 2009
6 May 2009 Research Colloquium: "会" (Hui) and its practice in circulation in a Chinese rural community
5 May 2009 Research Colloquium: JUSCO in Guangzhou -an anthropological study of a Japanese supermarket in the Chinese context
15 Apr 2009 Research Colloquium: Johnny’s Otaku: An anthropological study of Johnny’s fans in Hong Kong
8 Apr 2009 Research Colloquium: The production process of Japanese cultural industry in the age of globalization
8-25 Apr 2009 Japan Month 2009
7 Apr 2009 Research Colloquium: Working together - Japanese Human Resource Management in Mainland China
25 Mar 2009 Talk: China and Japan - Competitors or Partners?
18 Feb 2009 Research Colloquium: Revolution of Nintendo - The influence to the Whole Videogame Industry and Individuals
7-9 Feb 2009 Workshop: Intercultural flow in East Asia
13 Nov 2008 A Dialogue on Sino-Japanese Relations
8-9 Nov 2008 The Eighth International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies
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